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An old saying, which I’ve just invented claims that ”People aren’t interested in The Truth but in a convenient form of Some Truth”. This is what religion is based on : it offers someone’s truth, thus legitimating a superior instance”.

But what does the Church really stand for ? I’ll tell you : PR (Public Relations) ! the Church practises PR, in the name of God. And since God, as an intelligent superior instantance evaluated his risks, he hired multiple PR companies to spread his ideas. (Exemple : The Christians are an old Heavenly PR firm)

Why PR, though ? Because the Church promotes the image of a superior instance through its temples (promoting), it carries multiple PR campaigns (Fasting Holidays, Easter, Ramadan…) and offers permanent consulting. (confessions and absolution). The Church, regardless of it’s origin builds and represents the image of a divine authority in a environment which does not allow self-representation. Since the coming of Jesus, with the purpouse of founding ”Christian Incorporated”, no CEO of Heaven has ever stepped foot on Earth.

Speaking of Heaven, I must say that Saint Peter must be the head PR of this institution (Heaven Corporation) since he manages all guests and ”registered users”. According to the Holy Scripts he also founded two of the Heavenly PR companies from Earth.

Getting back to the Church : Does it practise a quality PR ? The answer : A definite NO ! How many people still trust the image of Divinity ? Few..very few people ! Thus, the great Heavenly PR companies should merge and summon a gigantic press conference which will be the start of a new large-scale PR campaign !

Although the history of PR promotes ”founding fathers” such as the incredible showman Phineas T. Barnum or the visionary journalist Ivy Lee, I believe that The Old Testament features a lot of undiscovered PR specialists. I wonder how much money did they get for the promotion of Heaven Corporation ?

My conclusion : Any form of organized religion represents a form of Public Relations !

(Father Cleopa – The last ingenious Heavenly PR specialist)

Copyright – This Article is under the incidence of Copyright Laws. All Rights Reserved to Vlad Stoiculescu aka Kro$$fire.

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Great article. I see you are back on the right track :D.


I wonder what kind of campaigns they’re going to do for Doom’s Day besides the ordinary crap: “repent and save your soul”. I’d love to have an Afterlife Guide and a Tour Guide to go along. Maybe they’ll sell souvenirs to Skaraotzki, I just hope it’s not a free exorcism.


“Religion.. religion has actually CONVINCED PEOPLE.. that there’s an invisible man! .. living in the sky! who watches everything you do, say.. and the invisible man has a special list of TEN THINGS HE DOES NOT WANT YOU TO DO! And if you do any of these ten things..”
George Carlin
The first few minutes are priceless.

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