Sa nu uiti de unde ai plecat Engleza

Sa nu uiti de unde ai plecat

In desele momente in care batranii din RATB devin spirituali sunt lovit de o obsesie mai veche. Aud de mic fraza ''Sa nu uiti niciodata de unde ai plecat'' si de fiecare ma cramponez de aceeasi ban[…]
E bine sa incepi devreme… Engleza

E bine sa incepi devreme…

Nu, din pacate nu-i vorba de vicii ci de lucruri mult mai plictisitoare precum cariera.Postul asta prefigureaza intr-un viitor nu foarte apropiat o serie de mici articole despre cautari de joburi s[…]
Muzici post sesiune… Engleza

Muzici post sesiune…

Stiu ca nu va omorati cu recenziile mele si am incercat sa postez mai rar din moment ce veti putea gasi articolele pe de-a intregul pe www.bangyourbrain.com . Dupa minunata sesiune si vreo doua zil[…]
The Bible 2 – God strikes back ! Engleza

The Bible 2 – God strikes back !

Just to get this straight from the beginning, this is a pamphlet. It's not meant to insult any particular religious beliefs (if so, it probably insults organised religion and dogma). The only reaso[…]
Pauza muzicala Concursuri

Pauza muzicala

M-am decis sa sparg putin linia articolelor controversa cu putina muzica, in speta metal cu influente de folk. Voi incerca in curand sa livrez si acea descriere a folk metalului pe care o promit ci[…]
Abracadabra ! Anunturi & Stiri

Abracadabra !

Multi dintre noi , astia din generatia ''pac-pac'' am avut putine distractii televizate in perioada copilariei. Cand posturile romanesti private isi faceau timid loc pe televizioarele ''cablate'' s[…]
The Bible’s Secret Files : Twiggy Engleza

The Bible’s Secret Files : Twiggy

Now, lots of people don't know who Twiggy is mainly because Christianity, and God in particular tried to keep this a secret. Basically, at the beginning of time, God was not the only God created, a[…]
Heavenly PR Engleza

Heavenly PR

An old saying, which I've just invented claims that ''People aren't interested in The Truth but in a convenient form of Some Truth''. This is what religion is based on : it offers someone's truth, […]
The Royal Court Needs You Engleza

The Royal Court Needs You

Since I've been awfuly busy lately (although now I'm in a short vacation) I've decided to request some collaborations for The Royal Court - my weird side-project, project which tries to present pol[…]
The New Religion Engleza

The New Religion

Since it's an universal language, I've decided to write this article in English. I've recently stumbled upon an ancient writing who describes how the world was really created, writing which gave me[…]