Useless : A small selection…

I’ve made a short list with things and people the world could go without. I’ll probably finish it some day or probably not. We’ll see. The list is not meant to be a top 10 – I simply number things for my own pleasure.

1.The Pope : I hold no grudge against the actual, the former or the future Pope. However, I don’t seem to understand his absolute necessity and the need of a Vatican City. Of course, Orthodox Christians have their own leader (or a formal one, anyway) but the Pope is considered to be a symbol, a ”necessity”. Why ? What does he do beside kissing babies ? (he doesn’t even do that anymore). If there’s something unclear about the Catholic dogma, his council will solve the problem and the heard will ignore it, as usual. Wouldn’t it be better for Italy to just sack the guy and turn Vatican into a nice museum ?

2.Fruit Flavoured\Fruit Perfumed Condoms : Seriously…what the hell ? Coupled who generally practice oral sex do not use condoms at all. The others ? Well…during the sexual intercourse men don’t generally feel the need for a smell that tells ”You’re raping a fruit salad !”. Since most couples take a shower shortly after the sexual contact, smelling like a grapefruit ”down there” holds absolutely no advantage.

3.Pornogrind : This is actually a form of metal music, and subgenre of the grindcore metal subgenre (typical relation between metal genres). Not only was grindcore bad enough (with very few exceptions), some guys with absolutely no musical knowledge (there are pornogrind albums which use only 2 chords !) started swearing on meaningless melodies, ”composing” 1-2 minutes long songs. Here’s a sample of pornogrindcore lyricism Kill women – die \ kill women – dieeee \ kill women – dieeeee\ Bitch ! (Anal Cunt – Kill Women)

4.The British Royal Family : Similar to the Pope. The difference is the British Royal Family is composed entirely out of retards and that their properties and lack of activity costs Britain enourmously. They’re also symbolic, holding absolutely no executive or legislative power. A recent poll has showed that more than half of the British people would have no problem if prince Charles & Co would subtely disappear out of the ”royal life”.

5.Sexual Education : Who gives a damn ? Sexual Education ? In the 6th and 7th grade ? Generally taught by people who lack communication abilites, sexual education might only mislead and annoy the youngsters. Media seems to do a hell of a job in ”educating” our youngsters. Why not pull some restraints on the media ? As society is evolving, you must check if your 7th grade daughter isn’t already a prostitute !

I might decide to continue this tome of crapiness…

  • krossfire


  • I hope you realize Anal Cunt is a joke band that was created just to make fun of people who take it seriously.

  • Of coure I do , the whole grindcore subgenre goes on par with jokes and shock.

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