The New Religion

Since it’s an universal language, I’ve decided to write this article in English. I’ve recently stumbled upon an ancient writing who describes how the world was really created, writing which gave me imense cosmic powers. Now my name shall be ”Enro Shamalong” (which could be translated as ”Bitches come to me”).

I shall give you a glimpse on the true path of the real religion, by reading a part of the first chapter :

‘Then, the penis-bearers met the baby-makers and they fought a war called the Fuckaton, and so humankind was born.”

Sounds cool , huh ? I bet you all want to follow my religion now…

  • krossfire


  • shame on u…on xmas day to post something like this =)) yet very funny 🙂

  • Every religion was, is and will be developed by man and man alone. Therefore all its “truths”, beliefs and values hold no real objectiveness. The goal (result) is to enslave the people by suppressing their actual freedom. So 10x but no 10x 😀

  • That’s what ol’ Nietzsche said before I showed him the beauty of the baby-makers 😀

  • If you want all of us to follow this religion , you should try to seduce us by giving somthing in exchange. Jesus promised us Heaven…but it’s old-fashioned. You would better give us some money :))

  • Yes… follow this religion…!

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