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Am fost taguit de tskdesign si de data asta nu am refuzat pentru ca si eu am pornit un tag mai jos (vedeti tag-ul cu relatia ideala, care merge la cine doreste sa-l faca )

Ok, then…hai sa satisfac curiozitatile. Tag-ul merge pe ideea ”muzica si momentele” :

1. How are you feeling today?
Alphaville – Forever Young

2. Will you get far in life?
Queen – Princes of The Universe

3. How do your friends see you?
Elvenking – The Wanderer

4. Will you get married?

Blind Guardian – The Maiden and The Ministrel Knight (hihi)

5. What is your best friend’s theme song?
Uhmm…some old Linkin Park tune, maybe..

6. What is the story of your life?
Iron Maiden – Die With Your Boots On

7. What was high school like?
Eternal Tears of Sorrow – Blood of Hatred

8. How can you get ahead in life?
3 Inches of Blood – Destroy the Orcs 😀

9. What is the best thing about your friends?
Blind Guardian – Face The Truth

10. What is in store for this weekend?
Accoustic Alchemy – The Beautiful Game

11. What song describes you?

Sabaton – Primo Victoria

12. To describe your grandparents?
Zavaidoc – La Calul Balan

13. How is your life going?
MacBeth – How Can Heaven Love Me ?

14. What song will they play at your funeral

Colibri – Alte Clipe Traite, Alt Epilog \ Blind Guardian – The Bard’s Song

15. How does the world see you?

Battlelore – The Mark of The Bear

16. Will you have a happy life?
Vivaldi – Sinfonia C Dur

17. What do your friends really think of you?
Blind Guardian – Another Stranger Me

18. Do people secretly lust after you?
Sonata Arctica – Kingdom For A Heart (Haven’t listened since 10th grade)

19. How can I make myself happy?
Gregorian – Moment of Peace

20. What should you do with your life?
Edguy – Superheroes (Here comes Coffee-Man baby !)

P.S : Din nou, in stilul caracteristic, tag-ul merge la cine doreste sa-l faca 😀

  • krossfire


  • O sa ia ceva timp sa caut cateva piese sa imi dau seama ce e inspatelel lor.
    Dupa cum ma asteptam, muzica neprietenoasa pentru mase 😉 Good going!

  • Hihi, I’m gonna do it…tomorrow! 😀

  • Hehe..you too. Ai precizat Edguy si ma apucasem iar sa-i ascult. Celalalt proiect al lui Sammet, Avantasia…va mai scoate un album 🙂

    Blind Guardian – Face The Truth e un preludiu la o alta piesa..dar e interesant oricum mesajul 😛

  • Asa nu-mi plac lucrurile astea 🙁 …

  • Nu a fost niciun fun chestia asa, fiin’ca io nu stiu niciuna din melodii.

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